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Let’s face it, a lot can go wrong in any production.

I recently watched a film recommended to me by one of my long time clients by the name of Lost In La Mancha. It’s a documentary about Terry Gilliam’s failed attempt making a film about the fabled Don Quixote from the book by Cervantes. I actually know one of his descendants but I digress. The film is really about the folly of man and Orson Wells also failed in his attempt to bring the story to the big screen. Some would say that the project is cursed.

The 2nd day of shooting was marred by a deluge that destroys most of the equipment and permanently deranged the landscape. A few days later the actor playing Quixote, Jean Rochefort is flown to France due to an ailment. It seems that one day of riding a horse in bad weather has led to irreversible back injuries for the aging star. This was the dream role of a lifetime for Rochefort and eventually the film went under when he was unable to return.

So you see dear reader that even the best laid plans of mice and men can be torn asunder by an act of God or an unlucky break. That being said, we offer production and tend to work indoors in sunny Los Angeles, California, my hometown. It’s been said that you can hire a professional or you can rely on a amateur. The amateur creates problems and the professional fixes them. So take your chances with your production jobs. Or on the other hand you could call a professional. Click here for contact info. Thanks for reading.