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Pretty much every day a customer will ask me point blank, “What else do you guys do?”

Within the Advanced Media umbrella there are actually several small companies and we all work together. Between us, we do everything from transferring VHS to DVD to feature film finishing. Mainly, we deal with picture but we do have a couple of sound experts on call.

My department mainly handles analog transfers to digital. So whether it’s an old tape that you want put to DVD or to disc, or a tape you need digitized to file, I’m your man.

Other services I provide are DVD and CD duplication as well as data management. I can also help you upload files to the web and help you manage your content. We really try to cover all of the bases as far as media is concerned and we are always looking for ways to keep up with the ever changing media market. There’s been a million little changes over the last couple of years and we’re changing along with the environment, adapting at every curve. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have by clicking here.