Turning Media into a Business Card

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I think it’s important to remember that we are not simply judged by what we look like or how we look or who we think we are but we are judged by others mainly on what we actually do.

That’s why examples of your work on video are so important today. The video allows someone to view your work remotely without ever having to go through any hassles. You want to make these examples of who you are accessible and easy on the viewer. Especially when that viewing may be considering you for hire.

That is often the case with actors. But it holds true for Cinematographers, Directors, Stylists, Editors, VFX Editors and pretty much any media professional. An agent may never contact you. That producer may find out about you randomly through a friend and they may Google your name. If a video comes up, guess what, you’ve just become much more credible as a candidate. It says, this is someone who is still actively perusing a goal.

I have actors tell me all the time about how nobody will take them seriously without a reel or that the reel has nothing to do with them as an actor and I really don’t understand. This reel is what you’re being judged on. So let’s polish it up and make it look as good as it possibly can. Let’s make it shine because I guarantee you, your competition is doing this and there’s a reason. Anything you can do to get an edge is worth trying. For more information please contact us here.