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A common emotion I encounter at my job is anxiety. People are worried that this tape will be too deteriorated to transfer or this film is too old or is this even possible.

My only recommendation is, have a little faith in us. We’re the professionals that deal with this video every day. If it can be fixed we can do it. If not, there’s no use worrying about it anyways.

I do try to stress these facts to people because I too can fall into this negative mindset but I always come back to the realization that worrying about it won’t help and neither will complaining. It either will or it won’t work out. So maybe I’ll save my reaction until after the outcome. 9 times out of 10 I would say that the video will most likely be fine. The transfer will work out. Technology has advanced greatly since the advent of VHS. There’s a lot we can do to preserve your quality. That being said, we’re not miracle workers. There are things beyond our control.

But I want to stress that the video is our problem. Hand it over to us and forget all about it until we call you to let you know that everything has been transferred. That’s the service we provide. All you have to know is what you want to do with the media. You may want to make a DVD and play it at home or you may need files to edit or files to upload to the web. Or you may want us to edit. With any option, we’re here to help and to make your life a little easier and less frustrating. For more information, please contact us here.