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Advanced Media LLC recently started their own production company and our goal for 2012 is to have a lot of exciting projects that lead us to bigger and brighter things! Our recent projects included a Web video for a real estate company in Pallos Verdes! We also recently finished a video production job for the Eye Care Company, VSP. Last week we finished a demo reel in Studio City for an up and coming young actor.

At Advanced Media, we want to be your one stop shop for you post-production and now for your production needs. Along with video transferring, we also edit and produce demo reels for all our customers. We are new to the acting reel production game but our experience in Hollywood make us more than qualified to handle this time of job.

In studio city we shot a few scenes for an engaging young actor so that he may have a more full and complete demo reel. We provided the lighting equipment, camera and sound equipment as well as a small crew that were more than willing to help out an actor with their video production needs!

We shot one comedy scene that took place in a pizza cafe and another drama scene in an office setting. It was a pleasure working with everyone involved with the reel and we can’t wait for the next job! Afterwards the happy customers went to our office where we also cut their reels together and made duplicates of it for the casting agents around the LA area, of course we can provide this and more! Click HERE for more info.

Video Production Services – Demo Reel